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So you've got an idea. No, a dream.

A dream that could make a difference in your community - to change something by solving a problem or creating an opportunity. First, you need to talk to somebody about a loan to make it happen.

We might well be that somebody. And we're listening.

Is a loan the right answer? Top 10 questions answered here

We lend to:

  • Community projects, including charities, social enterprises and faith-based initiatives.
  • All sports clubs, including GAA clubs, soccer, rugby, tennis, athletics, water sports and golf.


We are different because:

  • We don’t seek personal guarantees.
  • We don’t charge arrangement fees on term loans.
  • All our clients are ‘matched’ with a local Client Relationship Manager who will meet you in person and provide you with guidance and advice throughout the application process and the entire duration of your loan.
  • All our profits are reinvested for the benefit of the sector.


If success for your organisation is social change or social impact, you’re in the right place.


What we don’t do:

  • Offer grants.
  • Lend to private businesses or individuals.
  • Lend to projects outside the Third Sector.

  1. The purchase, construction or renovation of a building.
  2. Purchasing equipment.
  3. Restructuring existing debt.
  4. Cash shortfalls.
  5. Working capital.
  6. Bridging loans for Sports Capital, LEADER/RDP Grants, GAA Grant, local governmental grants.

  • We provide long-term loans and short-term loans, as well as bridging finance.
  • Loans may also be provided on both a secured and unsecured basis.

  • Our loans range from €/£10k–600k.
  • Your loan will be tailored to your needs – and we’re here to help you every step of the way.
  • If you have a figure in mind, contact the Client Relationship Manager in your region and/or try our Loan Calculator. It’s a fast, handy way for you to see if the repayment amount is manageable.
  • Remember, the Loan Calculator is for reference only and is not a loan offer. Before we agree a loan, you need to make a full application and our lending requirements must be met. For details, see ‘What makes a successful loan application?’ below.

  • Working with clients, we normally agree a set monthly repayment amount over an agreed term.
  • All our loans are flexible, and you can make lump sum repayments any time with no penalties.
  • We also accept fundraising efforts as lump sums to help clear your loan sooner if the need arises.

  • Generally, 15 years is the maximum period we lend for.
  • While most loans are for a ten year term.
  • We’ll work with you to establish what the best solution for your cash flow and your ambitions.

  1. A clear ‘why’ – what’s the compelling reason behind your project?
  2. An organisation with a clearly defined legal structure.
  3. A competent management team.
  4. A robust financial model.
  5. All relevant paperwork is submitted as per our Checklist.

All our clients demonstrated these in their initial applications – and are thriving as a result.

  • We keep it simple- talk to the Client Relationship Manager working in your local area.

  1. Complete our loan application form.
  2. It covers all the key information we need to assess your request.
  3. Utilise our easy checklists designed to help you save time on what is required.

Once we’ve received your application, a local Client Relationship Manager will be in touch within 48 hours.

  1. State this clearly in your initial application or general enquiry form.
  2. We’ll get in touch within 48 hours.
  3. You have most likely already compiled paperwork that was relevant for your grant. We want to make the loan application as painless as possible and so most of the paperwork we ask for will already most likely mirror the requirements of your grant application. Our paperwork checklist is here for ease of reference.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

No problem.

Ask us for a Call Back.

We’re here to help.

Loan Calculator


Please note that these figures are for illustration purposes only, and that interest rates may vary. Your client executive will give you more information on this.

We offer two types of loan: Term and Bridging. These are offered separately but can, on occasion be combined. Check with your Client Relationship Manager for details.

NI 028 9031 5003

ROI 041 685 8637


Bridging Loan terms last from one to 36 months and are typically 6%-9%.

For bridging loan calculations, just contact the Client Relationship Manager in your local area.

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Great to see a spotlight being shone on one of our recent clients 103.2 Dublin City FM. A fantastic example of a social enterprise working tirelessly to support their local community, you read their story in full in the Spring 2024 edition of SE-News>> #socialimpact #socialenterprise #socialenterpriseireland #ConnectingCommunities ... See MoreSee Less
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Peter Smyth is our Client Relationship Manager working with our clients across Northern Ireland to ensure that social impact is felt, not just dreamt. One of his recent clients is the Fermanagh based GAA club, St Patricks Gfc Donagh. Peter worked with the Club Secretary Pauline O'Reilly and her team to bring about the construction of a new spectator stand which in turn has allowed them to host more vital matches and to facilitate bigger community events.Community Finance Ireland pride ourselves on providing Social Finance that is fast, fair and flexible and this is evident in the provisions that we were able to put in place for St. Pat's GFC during COVID, instituting a repayment holiday when the club had shut their doors during the Pandemic and their usual income streams were not available to them.If your sports club or community group has a big idea for a new project, get in touch with us today. We speak finance, but we hear people and we are listening: ... See MoreSee Less
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Social Enterprises in Galway were in the spotlight earlier this monthAs the Bizmentors Social Enterprise Community event took place at the Harbour Hotel, Galway.Social enterprises came together to network and engage, with panel discussions and guest speakers, as part of an event organised by SCCUL Enterprises, LEO Galway, Galway City Partnership, Galway City Council and Galway Rural Development. Our local client relationship manager Mary Nohilly was in attendance to hear from local speakers Shane Tuohy and Barry Dillon from Link Galway and Venture Out Wilderness project to name a few!Following the launch event Mary commented: “The event was well received with lots of key insights that will bode well for the ongoing sustainability and vibrancy of the social enterprise sector. Working for and with social enterprises helps my own perspective on how and what is needed in terms of financial, mentoring and inspiration to help everyone continue to have the right social impact in their area of focus and within their local communities”.#socialenterprise #LocalSupport #galway #bizmentors ... See MoreSee Less
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Well done to all of those who guessed the correct answer to Friday’s Town Brainteaser: Kilcock, Co. Kildare.Did you know that Community Finance Ireland have loaned over €1.8m to communities across Co. Kildare.Communities like Kilcock Celtic Football Club who availed of social finance to assist with the development of a full size astro playing pitch, incorporating fencing and floodlighting on its current grounds.#Brainteaser #FridayFun #Ireland #TownBrainteaser #Kildare #Community #CommunityLending #LoanFinance ... See MoreSee Less
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Our Town Brainteaser for this week takes us to county Kildare.Can you guess the town from the visual clues? Leave your guess in the comments and we’ll let you know on Monday if you’re correct!#Brainteaser #FridayFun #Ireland #TownBrainteaser #Kildare #Community #CommunityLending #LoanFinance ... See MoreSee Less
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